Scott Robert Lim's Wedding Workshop - A few things learned

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1. Always find or provide good light. For daylight, it is good to use the palm of your hand and see how light hits it. Light it, love it, and take a picture of it!

2. Learn to pose one person first, then add the other person(s) in. In Scott's words, "Make a woman, look like a woman."

3. Make them move. It is hard to not laugh when you are moving a group together, especially together with arms/hands hooked. Just an example of many to create emotion.

4. Get all your major checklist wedding photos in, but rewind if you have to, pending time of course. For example, rewind to where they are putting on the rings, or get the groom getting ready with tie, jacket, vest, etc.

5. While other students were taking the main (directly front) shot, like a 2nd shooter, you can go on the side and find some great angles to photograph without moving the subjects.


Thank you again to:

The Wedding Workshop w/ Scott Robert Lim:
Produced, Planning, Styling, Design and Hosted by: Yooni K of Simply Be Seen
Guest Speaker: Tauran Woo
Venue: Castle Green
Hair + Makeup by: Yooni Kyung and Reba Vera
Handmade Paper Flowers by: Blanca Loza, Alma Valderama and Elizabeth Espitia



All peers and workshop attendees that I've met and that was inspiring and inspired for this workshop to be a great experience.

Here are many of the photos I took while attending:






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