Behind the Lens: Photographer Spotlight (Alisha)

May 14, 2020

Behind the Lens: Photographer Spotlight (Alisha)


When did you start photography and/or videography?

When I was major in TV/Film in university. Back then, everything was still on film strip and tape. 

What inspired you to begin the art of photography and/or videography?

While working in the TV studio, I was introduced to the wedding industry and fell in love with it right away. It’s a day full of love and romance, celebration and excitement, and I really enjoyed capturing and narrating the emotion through camera lens

What is your favorite type of photography when you aren’t shooting weddings?

Selfie?! Events and Travel photo/video.

What is the most memorable moment working with ATOS?

Every moment with ATOS is precious and fun! Our team can always bring joy to any situation. 

How is life with COVID?

Crazy busy working from home with 2 precious little monsters and a husband. Instantly, I am also a full time teacher, cook, nanny, housekeeper, and trainer.  At the same time, enjoying spending the time with them. Feeling like getting to know them again after spending 24 hours, 7 days a week together! 

What hobbies are you into now with home-isolation?

To create a homeschool environment and fun actives for kids. 

What will the first outing be for you when the stay-at home order is lifted?

To hang out with friends, spend times in favorite restaurants, and go to beach! 

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