Behind the Lens: Photographer Spotlight (Rodel)

May 07, 2020

Behind the Lens: Photographer Spotlight (Rodel)


When did you start photography and/or videography?

Around 2005, when my wife bought me my first camera which was a Nikon D200 and asked some friends if they wanted some pictures. 

What inspired you to begin the art of photography and/or videography?

When I joined filipino club in college and was on cabinet to document events other than a point and shoot camera. Also, there was a professional photographer I met, who currently works with the Hollywood press, taking our filipino club’s hip hop dance teams portraits and I was intrigued to learn how clean the photographers images were. My first mentor, my college friend invited me to attend a 1 hour speaker event in Burbank and totally inspired me with things he learned and shared thru his decades of years of portrait and wedding photography. 

What is your favorite type of photography when you aren’t shooting weddings?

Travel photography, fashion photography, food photography: all casual. 

What is the most memorable moment working with ATOS?

Every moment with ATOS is good cause I learn at least one thing, one new idea, from each other, whether it’s casual, business, photo or video skill. 

How is life with COVID?

Hard to stay at home when you are on the go or have daily routines that involve commuting. Life is battling cobwebs on the ceiling and dust bugs in and around the floor corners. Also, my wife and I start our cars every morning and go for a quick run while the engine parts are kept working and not idle in the garage. Otherwise, we have food and grocery delivery and don’t go out unless necessary. 

What hobbies are you into now with home-isolation?

Dusted off the old Super Nintendo and play old school video games cause I’m too old for these advanced consoles. Other than that, its mostly taking out the trash, sweeping the inside and outside floors, watching news on occasion, and organizing and reorganizing parts of the house. 

What will the first outing be for you when the stay-at-home order is lifted?

My wife and I are missing All you can eat sushi and Korean BBQ!


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