Behind the Lens: Videographer Spotlight (Gino)

May 20, 2020

Behind the Lens: Videographer Spotlight (Gino)

When did you start photography and/or videography?

I started videography when I was in university back in 2006

What inspired you to begin the art of photography and/or videography?

We had a class project and we were asked to make a short film. I ended up directing that video and it was a success when we premiered it. I never looked back since. Making videos became my lifestyle.

What is your favorite type of videography when you aren’t shooting weddings?

My favorite type of video content when not working is doing lifestyle travel videos. I keep a personal stash of video diaries from my wife and I travel experiences.

What is the most memorable moment working with ATOS?

The most memorable moment while working with ATOS was getting to do lead shooting for the company. I especially loved the experience when I shot for ATOS and the location was Huntington Beach. I was able to show ATOS how I tell my wedding stories.

How is life with COVID?

Its been alright. Right because I have the luxury of time and creative space. Alright because of course I can help but think about people who dont have aid like us. So I try to make solid use of my days so I can live life to the fullest for those who cannot.

What hobbies are you into now with home-isolation?

I've been doing some juggling with balls. I learned to do it during Covid. I also put a lot of time into my balance board and a lot of time doing yoga and meditation.

What will the first outing be for you when the stay-at home order is lifted?

Surf San Onofre all day :)

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